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The SASE Pro mission is: 
To Unlock the Leadership Potential of Asian STEM Professionals

SASE Pro seeks to increase the business impact of Asian-American STEM professionals.  Our company survey shows strong Asian representation in STEM functions (16%), but this drops by 63% (to 6%) at higher STEM levels.  The root cause lies in cultural “soft skill” differences in Asian-American vs. US corporate leadership culture.  At SASE, we combine development in leadership, cultural awareness, and cultural agility to unlock Asian STEM leadership potential at all levels.

Individuals engaging with SASE Pro can transform in several areas:

Strengthen your Business, Innovation, & Organizational Impact

Develop your skills to deliver stronger results, take on bigger challenges & roles, and stand out with leaders.

Expand your personal network

You will instantly join the largest API STEM community both within your company, and across industries, with whom you can share & gain insights, to deliver stronger business & organizational results.

Gain exposure to Executive Asian leaders

SASE Pro provides access to the “Executive Forum” – a group of successful Asian STEM Executives & Sponsors (including your OWN company!); a great way to learn from role models.

We are currently developing a strategic plan to serve the needs of all Asian STEM professionals.  This plan will include opportunities for leadership development training (both in person and via a digital ecosystem), access to Professional City Chapters (currently in Houston, Denver, Boston), and other areas to network with professionals in other companies on topics of common interest.