Keti Vaso and Sara Huang, Finalist 2018
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art 2019
Keti and Sara form the duo, Hid-In, 1 of 2 teams representing The Cooper Union in the Final Round of the 2018 SASEtank competition.

When we first heard about SASEtank, the competition sounded really fun and worldly. We like that individuals are introduced to business pitching, marketing, and inventing, and the competitive framework especially caught our eye. We were also excited by the opportunities offered to participants, from receiving constructive feedback provided by accomplished judges, to practicing our oral presentation skills in front of potential investors.

Through SASEtank, we’ve learned and explored various strategies, including, but not limited to, financial planning, market analysis, and the business plan. We were able to incorporate these newfound resources so that we are better prepared for the future as we advance our prototype. The possibility of further refinement, increased exposure, and more connections really appeal to us as competitors, and we hope to give back to all that SASEtank has given us so far and more.

Hid-In improves the traditional insulin injector so that users can administer insulin more safely. The risk of needle contamination and injury is reduced by completely concealing the needle both before and after injection. Users are also enabled to inject insulin in their subcutaneous layer correctly. Hid-In improves insulin therapy by providing users with a quicker, safer, and user-friendlier injection experience. 

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