Science Week Guide 2022

Dates: April 4th – April 8th

Overall Mission 

To highlight scientists and awareness of different scientific discoveries and careers in the SASE community. 

Guidelines of Science Week Participation

  • Chapters must participate in at least two days, but are highly encouraged to participate in as many days/themes as possible.
  • Share your event photos, posters, infographics, or videos on social media to highlight best practices and important knowledge. Use the hashtag #SASEScienceWeek2022 with the corresponding event hashtags below to be featured on our social media pages!

Day 1: Public Health Awareness 


This event is focused on raising awareness about different diseases of public health.

Learn and educate others about different topics associated with public health and make a public service announcement! Awareness is the first step to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe!

Ways to participate:

  • Virtual: Create a social media post to educate your peers on how to stay safe and healthy, whether that be in a pandemic environment or in the midst of everyday stresses. (This post does not have to only pertain to COVID-19.) 
  • In-person: Host an event that celebrates or showcases the public health, (ie. interview a public health professional, fundraise for first responders, etc)


Day 2: SASE Science Spotlight


Who do you look up to in the science community? Share the stories of someone you know personally or a scientist who has been recognized for their contributions on a larger scale. You can grab general members, a TA, or someone in your field who you think should be featured! Feel free to share their story: their motivation/passion, study, and future aspirations in their career.

Ways to participate:

  • Virtual: Create a social media post sharing the story of members in the SASE community who are actively engaging in research or pursuing careers in the science field. 
  • In-person: Invite members in the SASE community who are actively engaging in research or pursuing careers in the science field for a panel for members to ask questions. 


Day 3: Environmental Awareness Day


Science is all around you - what better way to experience it than by immersing yourself in the great outdoors! For today’s theme, we are encouraging you to appreciate the world around you, we want to see how you celebrate science in nature! 

  • Virtual: Create an infographic educating others about the effects of climate change or other environmental issues.
  • In-person: Host a nature walk with members or plan a community clean-up.


Day 4: Science Stems Day


Science is applicable in many fields, from engineering to writing to art! This theme challenges chapters to find ways in which science is connected with other fields. 

  • Virtual: Create a post introducing an interdisciplinary field (ie. biotechnology) and how it bridges science with other fields or have a Q&A post about a person who works in that field.
  • In-person: Host a workshop teaching members about applications of science in other fields (ie. agar petri-dish art event, coding workshop for science, science journalism workshop)


Day 5: Movie Night


Grab some popcorn and a seat because it’s time for Movie Night! Dive into the world of sci-fi or explore the stories in documentaries… we’re dying to see how you REACT! It’s time to put your science knowledge and Rotten Tomatoes skills to the test.

  • Virtual: Host a movie night on Discord or create a post explaining the science behind a movie of choice.
  • In-person: Host an in-person movie night and/or lead a discussion with the members on the role of science in the movie.
  • Movie suggestions:
    • “The Martian” 
    • “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”
    • “Hidden Figures”
    • “Wall-E”
    • “Chernobyl” (an episode of)