Each year, SASE Spirit Week is celebrated on the first full week of November. SASE Spirit Week is an occasion for chapters across the country to recognize SASE’s three pillars and celebrate the founding of SASE.

SASE Spirit Week had its humble origins in remembering SASE’s birthday (formal founding as a nonprofit organization). What started as a single day celebration by a few chapters on Nov. 7th is now a national week long celebration. As SASE looks forward to its 2nd decade, it celebrates the 1st decade with all of its members, who contributed to the cause: “go-to organization for talent and leadership development in science, engineering & technology.” As we celebrate together, let’s help each other in the 2nd decade to make it even better!


Spirit Week Schedule

The following schedule shows the themed days of SASE Spirit Week. Chapters can showcase their events by using the corresponding hashtags for each day.


Monday 11/5

Show Your SASE Spirit Day



Tuesday 11/6

Cultural Awareness Day



Wednesday 11/7

SASE Turns 11!

#HappyBirthdaySASE            #SASEturns11


Thursday 11/8

Professional Development Day



Friday 11/9

School Pride Day



Saturday/Sunday 11/10-11

Community Service Weekend

#CommunityService       #ServiceLearning



#SASESpiritWeek2018       #SASEfam