Russell Li

PROJECT NAME: Stress and Emotion Monitoring System
DESCRIPTION: The stress and emotion monitoring system is continuous, non-invasive, and portable. By detecting stress levels and monitoring emotions, individuals can collaborate with healthcare professionals to better manage their stress and improve their overall quality of life.

EDUCATION: Studying at St. John's High School (2022) in the South Region


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PROJECT NAME: Concertorona
DESCRIPTION: Concertorona is an entertainment outlet that brings quality concert experiences of your favorite artists into the comfort of your home. This platform will financially support touring artists who are vulnerable during the pandemic. In addition, Concertorona's profits will become a source of funding for COVID-19 research and medical supplies through donations.

TEAM MEMBERS: Kim Anh Le, Nguyen Nguyen, Chau Le
EDUCATION: All team members are students from differing regions.
★ Kim Anh Le — Studying Electrical Engineering at Grove City College (2022) in the Northeast Region
★ Nguyen Nguyen — Studying Mechanical Engineering at Lamar University (2020) in the South Region
★ Chau Le — Studying Biology & Chemistry at Lawrence University (2021) in the Midwest Region


DESCRIPTION: EcoX is a disposable bioplastic transfer pipette targeted for laboratory use. By helping scientists switch over to sustainable pipettes, EcoX addresses the growing problem of plastic waste accumulated by scientific institutions.

TEAM MEMBERS: Hiteshi Patel, Shrutika Gupta
EDUCATION: All team members are studying at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (2021) in the Midwest Region.

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DESCRIPTION: UBlossom is a platform for students created by students. The application creates a community for college students to develop upon their passions. Individuals can promote their skills on Ublossom by showcasing goods and services other students can utilize.

TEAM MEMBERS: Jason Pan, Cody Ramangkoun, Ankush Patel, Vicki Tang, Vijay Rajagopal
EDUCATIONAll team members are students at The University of Tennessee in the South Region.
★ Jason Pan — Studying Chemical Engineering (2021)
★ Cody Ramangkoun — Studying Industrial Engineering (2021)
★ Ankush Patel — Studying Computer Science (2021)
★ Vicki Tang — Studying Computer Science (2021)
★ Vijay Rajagopal — Studying Computer Science (2021)


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