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School: Cooper Union (Northeast Region)

Description: Artsify is an online gallery and marketplace that serves as a platform to optimize the circulation and engagement of art.

Team Members (L to R): Lily Lin, Angel Zhang, Sehr Ahmed


Julie Lin Profile Website


School: University of Houston (South Central Region)

Description: Teslatoy is designed to aid patients who have visual impairments to help improve their eye muscle strength and depth perception. Not only do we aim to make our product easily accessible and interactive, but we hope to spread awareness of the increased rate of children born with visual impairments such as Amblyopia.

Team Members (L to R): Emily Banditrat, Sherry Banditrat


Deluxe Rice Washer Semi Finalist Photo


School: University of Florida (Southeast Region)

Description: With the touch of a button, the Deluxe Rice Washer (DRW) cleans rice in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This household device aims to aid the elderly, those with disabilities, and people who just need some extra time.

Team Members (L to R): Joe Nguyen, Jordan Le, Jared Lee, Muzi Wang


Dianne Le



School: Rutgers University (Northeast Region)

Description: A substantially large population of refugee youth do not have adequate access to educational resources. Dianne's case study shows that children in the United States who do have access to education should extend their privileges to those less advantaged. In doing so allows new bridges to be built between cultures, generations, and humanity.


Know your Numbers


School: Mercer University (Southeast Region)

Description: Know Your Numbers Health App is an innovative mobile app that aims to increase health awareness in patients by tracking important health  numbers and outcomes. We plan to expand our platform through additional partnerships to serve a larger community.

Team Members (L to R): Soumya Vishwanath, Vi Nguyen


Mo Ed


School: Texas A&M University (South Central Region)

Description: Inspired and motivated by our desire to help others achieve what they want in life, we decided to produce a mobile application in which users will be able to set and track goals in as many areas of their lives as they wished. The application will feature a community in which we can encourage and keep each other accountable so that we may progress together.

Team Members (L to R): Nhan Phung, Tien Duong





School: Texas A&M University (South Central Region)

Description: Description: Ryze is the Personal Relationship Manager designed to help small business owners close more deals. Ryze is effectively a lite CRM, Evernote, and a reminder app rolled into one.

Team Members (L to R): Lucas Bazemore, Cameron Kelley, Brian Canlas





School: Northeastern University (Northeast Region)

Description: ScholarJet is the future of scholarships. We revolutionize the scholarship process with action-based scholarships.

Team Members (L to R): Joseph Alim, Tuan Ho, Francisco Calderon





School: Cooper Union (Northeast Region)

Description: SPARIO’s product QuickStitch is an innovative disposable single-squeeze skin stitcher with the strategic product benefits of speed, automatic safety, ease of use, and low cost in a $5.2 billion industry.

Team Members (L to R): Giovanni Sanchez, Ruchi Patel



School: University of New Hampshire (Northeast Region)

Description: Unidyt is an e-commerce platform which connect students within the same University/Campus for buying and selling textbooks. As college students, we believe that the best way to purchase the right and affordable textbook is from the upperclassman. Unidyt platform is scalable to different categories of goods such as furniture as well.



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