Will my application be viewed differently if I self-nominate myself for an award?

No, please feel free to self-nominate, nominate someone else, or do both.


Does being a National Conference volunteer count as being a national volunteer?

If you are a volunteer under the National Conference committee, then yes.


What is considered National SASE Involvement?

Involvement includes being a volunteer for any of the following committees: National Conference, Human Resources, Collegiate, IT, Professional, Leadership, Development, or Marketing.


What if the nominee volunteered nationally but took a hiatus? Does that time count toward their years as a national volunteer when they come back?

Yes, any time as a volunteer counts towards SASE Stars.


Can the nominator submit multiple nominations?



Can multiple people nominate the same candidate?



Does the nominator have to follow the format provided?



What is the difference between achievements and impact made?

Achievements are personal accomplishments; impacts are achievements that directly influence others.

Ex: achievement would be winning a design contest, being promoted to manager

Ex: impact would be mentoring people, community service


Can the nominator submit or link external information displaying the dedication of the work of a nominee?

No, but if the nominator feels that it is important information, we recommend that they mention it in their submission.


Who is evaluating the nominations? How does the judging process go?

The HR Volunteer Relations team will determine whether nominees meet requirements, and sort nominees into categories. Then, the panel of last year’s SASE Star winners will evaluate the remaining nominations to determine the winners. Nominees’ names will be hidden during this process to avoid personal bias. The judges are looking for volunteers who have the following qualities: dedication, impact, and leadership.


How will the judges determine how long a nominee has volunteered for?

The HR Volunteer Relations team will look at the nominee’s start date until June 10th, 2019. They will round down to determine the years volunteered (3.5 years means 3 years).


Will the nominator be notified if their nominee is selected? Will the nominee be notified?

No, the nominator will not be notified if their nominee is selected. However, the nominee will be notified.


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