2016 Yuki
Senior - Texas A&M Univeristy
Major: Electrical Engineering
Yuki Oji is currently a senior at Texas A&M University studying Electrical Engineering. Yuki grew up in a culturally diverse household in Houston, Texas. From an early age, Yuki’s exposure to Japanese and Chinese cultures encouraged him to think differently and openly. 

Yuki discovered SASE during his first semester of college. As a sophomore, Yuki helped to promote SASE around campus as the Director of Technical Affairs. After attending the SASE National Conference 2014, Yuki left with a co-op offer from Toyota and a strong passion to grow his chapter. Elected as the SASE TAMU president during his junior year, Yuki tripled the membership size and doubled the sponsorship offers.

Parallel to SASE, Yuki was a project manager for a robotics organization. He also worked part-time as a Japanese Language Leader to prepare graduate students for their oral proficiency exam. Recognized for his leadership and campus involvement, Yuki was invited to participate in prestigious events including the BP Diversity Leadership Program, Eastman Ambassador Leadership Forum, and IEEE Future Leaders Forum.
Yuki enjoys challenging his technical skills and diversifying his cultural experiences. In the past two summers, Yuki has interned with BASF as an Instrumentation and Electrical Design Engineer and studied Electrical Engineering abroad with local students in Brazil. Last semester, Yuki was awarded first place for his research presentation on “Electron Beam Technology and its Applications.” Currently, Yuki is the president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) TAMU Chapter.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in your STEM outreach activities?
Throughout my life, I received great support, mentorship, and advice from my family and friends. This inspired me to get involved in STEM outreach activities as a mentor to others. I enjoy providing tips on professional development, giving advice on academics, and offering companionship. The impact of being a caring and supportive mentor is something I cherish. My passion is to support students in STEM majors and inspire them to become mentors for future generations.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned while being involved in the STEM field?
I have learned that to be a good effective leader, I must communicate my sincerity and passion in a way that resonates with others. My involvement as a leader of an organization, an intern at a global company, and a researcher in a multidisciplinary team allowed me to experiment with different communication styles. It is always fascinating to observe the success and efficiency of companies who operate around the world. Regardless of a team’s composition, I have learned that a dynamic team is built upon effective communication.

How would your best friend describe you?
My best friend would describe me as passionate, adventurous, and a good listener. Passion has always been the strongest motivation for my involvement in academics and extracurricular activities. If I am passionate about something, I will be able to devote myself to a task and embrace high performance. My adventurous spirit is the result of my curiosity and eagerness to learn. I find many things interesting, and the challenge to explore new experiences is fulfilling. With each new discovery, my mind is broadened and filled with innovation. I enjoy listening to people’s ideas because each person has their unique way of communicating. Interacting with people is a start to new discoveries.

What are your long-term motivations?
My long-term motivation is to keep an open mind while continuously learning. I love the challenge of working with new technologies, experiencing unfamiliar cultures, and discovering new areas of studies. With graduation less than a year away, I am looking forward to applying my technical knowledge and communication skills to make an impact in the energy industry. I am motivated to take the additional challenge to interact with different cultures internationally while I progress in my career. After expanding my industry knowledge and experiences, I am determined to continue my education for an MBA. My goal as a manager is to maximize the potential in each team member and drive innovation throughout the company.

We know you are a talented student; what motivates you to be a good learner and to put forth your best effort?
My curiosity, passion, and love for challenges motivate me to put forth my best effort in being a good learner. As our world continues to advance in technology, keeping up-to-date is crucial to avoid technological obsolescence. It is interesting to observe how quick the information taught in class may be outdated by the time of graduation. In order to keep up with the changing world, I enjoy the constant learning and adapting to new innovations.