2018 SASE Inspire Awards

2015 Winners

Overall Strongest

Recipient: Boston University

BU Inspire

As the previous year’s Overall Strongest Chapter, the Boston University Chapter of SASE set out to maintain their momentum and continue making a positive impact within the SASE community by engaging its members at the collegiate, regional, and national levels. BU SASE made a renewed effort across all of these heights to pursue excellence in each of SASE’s central pillars while also balancing the brand new challenge of hosting SASE’s 5th Annual Northeast Regional Conference.

To start out the year, BU SASE continued the breakout success of their capstone mentorship program. Mentors and mentees worked closely together to embody the values of SASE and foster important leadership and professional skills. Previous mentees even carried on the chapter’s legacy by going on to fill crucial e-board positions including Historian, Mentorship & Membership Chair, and even Chapter President!

Beyond just the mentorship program, BU SASE held initiatives that involved everything from diversity to professional development to health. E-board members alone actively engaged in over 57 unique cultural events over the course of the school year, and chapter members also brought SASE to the ECAASU 2015 conference and contributed to programs promoting participation of women in STEM. To enable professional mobility, the chapter held a LinkedIn Professional Photoshoot, workshops with companies like Ericsson and Accenture, alumni networking panels, and much more. Members also progressed the chapter’s #SASEFitness initiative by engaging in weekly workout routines and starting a SASE intramural softball team for the very first time.

The scope of the chapter’s events and involvement was only matched by the effort members put into hosting the best regional conference possible. Boston University’s regional conference doubled attendance from previous years and was the largest regional conference hosted by SASE anywhere in the country to-date. It was also the first regional conference to feature extensive corporate involvement and a networking social. Boasting sponsors like General Electric, Draper Laboratories, and Accenture alongside speakers like Wayne Chang, the Head of Product Marketing and Growth Strategy at Twitter, the conference used the theme “The Real World: Paths, Passions, and Perseverance” to give attendees the skills they needed to pursue their passions in the real world.

In all, after another year of tremendous growth, the Boston University Chapter is proud to be a part of SASE’s reputation for excellence, and its members are excited to keep working their hardest to continue raising the bar in the many years to come!

Honorable Mention: University of California, San Diego

Overall Strongest Honorable Mention - UCSD UCSD SASE was established in June 2011 and has created a strong presence in the West Region. In 2013 and 2015, UCSD was selected to host the West Regional Conference. In 2013, UCSD was recognized for Best New Chapter and again in 2014 for Most Inspirational Chapter. Our flagship professional events, “Dining with Professionals” and “Lunch with Professors” allow for our members to expand their professional networks by interacting with prestigious science and engineering companies and world renown researchers who have made large contributions to their field. The UCSD chapter also volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club, US FIRST Lego League, the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering EXPO Fair, and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center by teaching students through hands on demonstrations. UCSD SASE’s continued success can be credited to the intern program which allows interested members to shadow officers in fulfilling the three missions of SASE. When the time comes to select officers for the next year, the new officers are experienced and have proven they are capable of continuing SASE’s missions which makes transitioning between officer teams easier and allowing the momentum of our success to continue.

Outstanding New

Recipient: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

RPI Inspire

SASE RPI has been tirelessly working since the beginning. Becoming a successful and new chapter at RPI was no easy task especially since we are against other strong professional organizations such as NSBE, SHPE, and SWE as well as having no starting fund. However, we planned accordingly and worked diligently to find the best possible solutions.

The first thing we did as a new society was to take advantage of all that we had on campus which involved us getting in contact with as many faculty members as we could as well as all the professional organizations as well as clubs on campus. In the end, we were able to get money from both the Engineering and Science department. We were also able to establish a connection with the various kinds of organizations on campus and important faculty members who all guided us in the right direction for us to grow bigger and stronger as an organization.

We used the advice and put them into action. Events were planned early, connections were made with as many companies as we could during our career fair, collaborations and communication were established with important faculty members, and a bank account was being created with the help of SASE National. Though we had a direction for us to go, we still lacked money for all that we wanted to do during the school year. As a result, we started to invest our money into fundraising ideas that we felt could earn us the most money. We also minimized the amount of money we needed to spend at our events.

Though we had a lot of limitations, they pushed us to think more creatively in order to achieve our goal of giving the best possible events to our students. As a result, we ended up having one of our best events which were collaborated with our school’s main dining hall where we served a variety of Asian food for the whole campus. We were also able to hold great small events such as an ice cream social where our members got to meet various professors to talk about both research and class advice. It’s been a long and rough journey, but we were able to make it a successful year because of all the support and work we put in. However, the best part about us is the fact that we are still growing!

Honorable Mention: University of Dayton

The University of Dayton (UD) chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) was founded during the school year of 2014 by a team of Graduate students and it unveiled its supremacy by helping students in their career growth. SASE UD is growing by leaps and bounds as the pioneer Asian heritage chapter on campus with a team of 40 aspiring minds. SASE UD conducted 26 events which includes general body meetings, professional development, social, cultural and community service events during its tenure in 2014. 7 professional and 8 social events were conducted to provide certain insights for students' professional development and networking strategies. Many of our successful events had an emphasis on collaboration with various organizations which provided a strong foundation for building SASE at UD. Outstanding sibling support provided by Ohio State University, University of Michigan & Michigan State University and industrial support provided by Regal Beloit, GE Aviation, and P&G gave us the platform for the team to thrive on. Successful campus relationships with the School of Engineering, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Career Services, Center for International Programs and Graduate Student Association at UD paid rich dividends and led SASE UD to remarkable heights.

Most Influential Chapter

Recipient: University of Houston

UH Inspire

Since 2010, SASE-UH (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers - University of Houston) has been consistently active with respect to its local and regional contributions. We currently have over 350 Facebook followers, 70+ paid members since 2014, and 50+ active members attending events and workshops. SASE-UH has accumulated over 140 hours in community service since 2014, provided over $5,000 in scholarships, hosted three consecutive regional conferences, and reached 12+ corporate sponsors over the course of five years.
In addition, we would like to also consider the impact and influence SASE-UH has on the South Region. SASE-UH has been a leading example for other chapters across the region by showcasing its strength, ingenuity, and dedication. For SASE-UH to achieve the level of accomplishments that it has today, we started by strengthening the bond between the officers and extended the reach towards the members of the chapter. This is done by conducting retreats and social events throughout the year to ensure that SASE-UH continues to grow. Many members and past officers of SASE-UH continue to serve SASE as a whole such as Michael Alcantara, one of the founding members for the SASE-Professional Chapter in Houston and Floredes Menodiado, currently a Regional Coordinator for the South Region. In addition to their relentless service to SASE, they have also been featured in the National Conference magazine as SASE Stars, further demonstrating that SASE-UH is the most influential chapter for others to look up to.

Honorable Mention: University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota SASE chapter has boosted its members both professionally and culturally. We have helped students build resumes, improve interview skills, and interact with potential employers through workshops and Corporate Networking Nights. We piloted the SASE Junior program at a local high school to help prospective college students with various aspects of university life. Participants have expressed more confidence about college due to their involvement with this program.

Of course, we have not forgotten to honor our heritage. This past year, we celebrated our chapter’s diversity through a multicultural potluck night and a collaboration with the College of Science and Engineering International Ambassadors. Both events exhibited the cultures behind different foods and holidays celebrated around the world.

Succeeding in our communities is only the first step to becoming involved members of society. We have participated in multiple events geared toward middle and high school students, helping foster a healthy interest in science and engineering, as well as branching out from our usual fields and working with Habitat for Humanity. We provided countless other opportunities for our members to contribute back to the community.

In the future, we hope to inspire more than just the scientists and engineers at UMN, but also any scholar at any location, regardless of age, status, or ethnicity.


Most Improved

Recipient: Northeastern University

Northeastern Inspire

Our chapter has significantly grown in membership and programming this past year. Our chapter’s Facebook group had a 31% increase in new members since the start of the school year.

Our new involvement with our university’s Pan Asian American Council has enabled us to increase our cultural awareness and forge bonds with cultural organizations we wouldn’t normally have worked with before. PAAC allowed us to participate in larger events, letting us reach a larger audience of students and adding a unique perspective to the visibility of the Asian American community at Northeastern. These large events include A Night in Asia, Lunar New Year, PAAC Bites, PAAC-tivies Fair, PAAC-shops, Mr. PAAC and CelebrAsian. PAAC has also given us the chance to further engage our members by involving them in various video projects. We created a song parody video, “SASE It Off,” which introduced viewers to how our chapter embraces the three pillars of SASE (Cast: 14, Views: 417); a video submission promoting one of our members as Mr. SASE, leading to his crowning as Mr. PAAC (Cast: 3, Views: 162); and our very first CelebrAsian performance, shown to more than 500 people (Cast: 14, Views: 152).

This year we beat a personal best for fundraising, gathering funds for members to attend future conferences and to procure material for our events. With six fundraisers, we raised over $700. We found creative ways to fundraise and find exciting volunteering opportunities members would enjoy. Our new Museum of Science event was a large success in fundraising and engaging members. We created a nerdy Valentine’s Day theme, conducting a general meeting in which members used their creativity to help make cheesy candygrams for a Valentine’s sale fundraiser. We also held a Finals Weeks Care Package Fundraiser. We held our second “Pie in the SASE,” in which general members donated money to pie e-board members in the face. Volunteering opportunities like Boston’s Hub on Wheels and NEU’s Trash2Treasure also helped us raise funds while providing service to the community.

This year more than ever, we collaborated on events with corporate relations. Aside from Networking Night and Career Panel, we had events such as Revere Beach Cleanup (GE), Ping Pong Night (GE), Perfecting Your Pitch (Draper), Minute to Win It (Johnson&Johnson), and a College of Engineering Banquet, in which we joined other NEU student groups to help recognize companies like GE for making our success possible.

Honorable Mention: Texas A&M University

SASE TAMU began its activities during Fall 2013. Since then, our chapter has grown in awareness on campus and in relationships with professionals. A notable achievement is the implementation of the mentorship program where we focus on creating close bonds between our members. Increasing our social media appearance has also contributed to the rapid growth in member participation. Accompanying our website and Facebook page, we've expanded our presence to Instagram and GroupMe to keep our members well informed about our activities.

Not only did our chapter grow tremendously, but we have also contributed to our members’ academic and professional achievement. For instance, two of our members received scholarships at the 2015 Regional Conference. Additionally, several of our members received internship and co-op offers through the SASE Network and National Career Fair.

Support for our chapter has also increased with the growth of our company network. We have already received three sponsorships and have scheduled eight General Body Meetings with different companies for fall 2015. We are passionate and excited to take our chapter to new heights while facing challenges, collaborating as a team, and maturing our skills. We are proud to be representing SASE at Texas A&M University.