2018 SASE Inspire Awards

2014 Winners

Overall Strongest

Recipient: Boston University

Overall Strongest Boston University

Out of all of our applicants, the SASE chapter at Boston University really was a role model Chapter. They have a vision for SASE and represented SASE’s mission statements, going above and beyond in all three of the professional, cultural, and community aspects and reaching out not only to the BU community but also to the 3 other Collegiate Chapters and 1 Professional Chapter in the Boston area. In one year the leadership team not only revived the Chapter but also grew to be one of the largest Chapters in the Northeast. Professional events have helped members gain job and internship experiences. Professional events have helped members gain job and internship experiences. They held a diverse range of events including:

  • - The Sister Chapter Challenge event,"The Hunt for Your Inner Professional"  A professional themed scavenger hunt which had over 40 attendees and involved all four of the Boston area chapters.
  • - Professional events such as a GE & P&G Panel and a Lincoln Lab Tour that helped members gain job and internship experiences.
  • They also took part in community events by volunteering for the Boston Nature Center, participating at the iChase the Cure and Project Bread charity -runs, and taking part in the Liz Doyle: 1000 Cranes & A Change of Luck Project.
  • - The chapter even started their own initiative, SASE Fitness, which they hope to expand into a national initiative.  

Honorable Mention: Colorado School of Mines

Our Overall Strongest runner-up, Colorado School of Mines, hosted the West Regional Conference (Mountain) with over 120 attendees including collegiate and high school students, as well as professionals. Though they have hosted the Regional Conference before, this year they collaborated with neighboring collegiate chapters and the Colorado professional chapter to incorporate a science workshop as well as a professional workshop into the agenda. The Regional Conference was not the only large event they hosted. They held a Cultural Festival with approximately 300-500 people that had a wide range of Asian cultural performances, arts, and food This chapter also embraced the third pillar of SASE: community service by spreading awareness of STEM fields in elementary school, volunteering at food banks, and for Habitat for Humanity. CSM went above and beyond the three pillars of SASE by connecting with the chapters in the Denver area, providing advice to other chapters in and outside of the West Region.

Outstanding New

Recipient: University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Outstanding New UIUC

UIUC SASE has undergone a rebirth since 2010, and in the past three semesters, UIUC SASE has hosted 50-plus events and established a SASE presence at UIUC while influencing students to further their professional development. They have participated in numerous cultural celebrations on campus including "I Am Asian Week" where SASE spoke to students on how they contribute to the community. They have a bike blender project where they will design a bicycle blender and then students from a youth program will help them build it. For the Annual Campus and Community Day of Service, UIUC SASE, packaged over 300 meals to help the community. In the summer of 2013, UIUC SASE also reached beyond their campus by initiation a Leadership Retreat with Purdue to build team effectiveness within chapters and the schools. To strengthen their leadership, they also have a Shadow Program. 


Honorable Mention: Drexel University

As a new chapter recognized at the beginning of Fall 2013, SASE Drexel proudly took the initiative to be the hosting chapter of the 2013 SASE National Conference and Career Fair. In Spring 2013, they also brought 30 members to the 2014 SASE Northeast Regional Conference (highest attendance for a visiting chapter). Apart from having a large presence at conference, they hosted a total of 20 events for their first year with an average of over 20 attendees. Their major accomplishments for their first year include obtaining 60 quality members as well as creating a reputable name in the Drexel, Philadelphia and national SASE community. They have gone above and beyond to reach out to new students on campus as well as others in the Philadelphia community and in the region to support three of our newest chapters in founding their teams as well. They even collaborated with the newly formed University of Pennsylvania chapter to co-host the Building Blocks of SASE event which raised awareness about SASE within the Philadelphia community. The eboard was always enthuastic to help out and participate in regional activities and was one of the most active chapters in our region!

Most Inspirational

Recipient: University of California - San Diego

Most Inspiring Now its Most Influential UCSD

UCSD SASE was chosen as the Most Inspirational chapter of the year for their innovation and motivation to improve their organization by focusing on professional connections, community service avenues, and membership retention. One of their signature events is a dinner mixer called, "Dining with Professionals" which in the past had most engineering students. This year they saw a 36 percent increase by increasing science-based professionals and bringing in larger and more prestigious companies, which improved their recognition on campus as well. They host Lunches with Professors, regularly held a Lunar New Year potluck so that students could celebrate with their SASE family if they were not about to go home, and hosted an Asian Night Market with performance and food vendors on campus. In terms of community service, they significantly increased participation both in the number of hours (totaling 622 hours for 2013-2014) as well as the number of members who contributed over the year. The UCSD chapter volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club, FIRST Lego League San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering EXPO Fair and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Internally, they have an intern program to allow interested members to shadow officers which helped in transitioning information from one team of leaders to the next. Not only had UCSD made a name for themselves on their own campus but they have worked with and supported other chapters in their region by hosting joint events or providing valuable insights and advice. Last year, they were awarded Oustanding New Chapter of the year and have a bold vision of becoming one of the best organizations on campus specializing in diversity, professionalism, student community, and community service. They are definitely well on their way considering they doubled their active membership. 

Honorable Mention: University of Pittsburgh

The UPitt Chapter has grown significantly since the last year. Their major accomplishment was hosting the 4th Annual SASE Northeast Regional Conference: Foundations of Professionalism, which is the largest Northeast Regional Conference to date with over 180 attendees (over 200 registered) from 15 chapters including 20+ professionals. They also co-hosted the Building Blocks of SASE event with CMU in Pittsburg to raise awareness about SASE within the Pittsburgh community and had guests from Duquesne and Robert Morris University. Every year, they participate in the Carnegie Science Center's National Engineers Week event to organize demonstrations. Apart from consistently hosting successful events, UPitt built a culture of creating leaders that happily volunteer with National SASE and are willing to mentor other SASE members into becoming leaders. With this culture. UPitt continuously promotes the SASE organization within their campus and the Pittsburg community. Chapters across the region also turn to them for advice and guidance throughout the year. 


Most Improved

Recipient: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Most Improved Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Chapter has increased their collaborative efforts with other Asian organizations and engineering organizations on campus to improve their event attendance and delivery of services to members. They had an absolute growth of 68 percent from 2013 to 2014 and had science major retention at 80 percent! The VT SASE Chapter contributed over 220 hours of service throughout the year. One of their signature events in the Golf with GE event where they play a round of golf with GE representatives while gaining professional advice and networking experience. 


Honorable Mention: Carnegie Mellon

The CMU Chapter has grown substantially over the past few semesters especially in terms of chapter activity, membership dedication, and establishment on campus. Before Fall 2012, CMU SASE was an organization that no one knew on campus. After Fall 2012, they started to turn things around by hosting more general body meetings, contacting more companies to host professional workshops, and hosting events with other organizations. From this, they were able to expand their eboard to 13 members as well as engage their members by creating an external committee. CMU SASE has turned into a strong community of students committed to developing themselves as professionals and leaders and many students and alumni continue to volunteer with SASE on a national level.