Build a game in 24 hours

Use Immersive Technology

Connect with fellow artists, engineers, programmers, and writers

Advocate against racial injustice

At a time when the country is experiencing a racial reckoning, gaming technologies enable people to express their concerns, process their emotions, and socialize their own agenda.

Join us on our journey leading to the SASE Game Jam for Social Justice on Oct 2nd sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton. Use gaming and immersive technology to address social justice issues and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A Game Jam is an event where participants try to make a game from scratch. Bring your unique talents to a team of artists, engineers, programmers, or writers.

Passionate newbies, the mildly curious, or seasoned pros are all welcomed.

Compete for prizes

First Place: $3000
Second Place: $1500
Third Place: $1000

Gain on-going mentorship and instructions for build submissions

Develop tech skills from webinars of professionals

Develop and submit solutions online with

Learn about immersive technology with regard to social issues

Open to teams of 2-5 undergraduate or graduate students; all levels


Mar Registration Opens
Mar Webinar: Welcome Brief, Jam Outline, Q&A Session View
May Webinar: Allyship View
Jun Webinar : APIDA Voice
Jul Webinar: Technical Component  
Aug Webinar: Technical Component  
Sep 10 Registration Closes
Sep Webinar: Technical Component  
Oct 2 Game Jam Begins  
Oct 15 Game Jam Winners Announced  


Booz Allen Hamilton


The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers