Aimee Chun Profile
Aimee Chun
South Regional Manager (RM)

Aimee has held several leadership positions since joining SASE in 2012, including roles in her school’s chapter and as a National SASE volunteer. In 2016 she joined the South Region Team as a Regional Coordinator. Aimee became involved with SASE as a volunteer for the first Southeast Regional Conference. During her time with the Georgia Tech Chapter, she held the positions of President, External Vice President, and Internal Vice President. Aimee was the South Regional Student Liaison for the 2014-2015 InnoService Competition. She was also selected as one of the 2015 SASE Role Models.

Aimee earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Georgia Tech in 2015. She concentrated in Information Technology and earned a Minor in Korean. Aimee is a member of General Electric’s Information Technology Leadership Program. She has one cat and one bunny.

 S RC Tu Huynh
Tu Huynh
South Regional Program Coordinator (PC)

Tu Huynh is senior in undergrad at the University of Houston and is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering Technology. His experiences include two undergrad research for the University of Houston College of Architecture and the College of Technology and an internship at Schneider Electric. Tu was in the officer position of Outreach at the University of Houston SASE chapter with projects in establishing SASE Jr. for two of Houston school district and has helped in hosting the 2018 SCRC.

Alison Mak
Alison Mak
South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Alison is a senior at the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Throughout college, she has been a mentor and the treasurer of her university’s SASE chapter. Alison loves meeting new people and is looking forward to staying involved with SASE as a Regional Coordinator. Outside of school, she is a freelance photographer who loves photographing portraits, families, weddings, and events. She also enjoys traveling and playing tennis!

 S RC Doyoung Maeng
Doyoung Maeng
South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Doyoung is a first year graduate student pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. He first joined SASE in his freshman year and later served as chapter president at the University of Texas at Austin. As a regional coordinator, Doyoung wants to focus on helping smaller chapters build a stronger foundation. In his spare time, he enjoys trying weird food combinations, lifting (light) weights, and watching cat videos on YouTube.

 S RC Jennifer Vuu
Jennifer Vuu
South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Jennifer is currently a senior at the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She was a Co-Founder of her school’s revival SASE chapter and has held several leadership positions within the organization since 2015. Jennifer also directed the 2018 Southeast Regional Conference in which her chapter was selected to host for the first time. SASE gave Jennifer the opportunity and resources to join a community and environment that supported her growth and development and she hopes to maintain and promote the values of SASE so other individuals can achieve their full potential.

Outside of SASE, Jennifer enjoys spending quality time with her dog, Toast, and spends a lot of time at her local boba tea shops while looking at memes. She also paints, watches documentaries specifically about reptiles, and can eat an entire apple pie in one sitting.

 S RC Phat Le
Phat Le
South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Phat is currently a Senior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston. His journey with SASE began when he volunteered for the 2015 SASE National Conference in Houston. At his local chapter, he was elected Event Coordinator then President the year after. As the Regional Coordinator, he wishes to apply the skills and knowledge he learned from his time with SASE to help each chapter overcome their difficulties. In his free time, he enjoys watching soccer and YouTube videos. He's a watch and car enthusiast even though he can't afford either of them.

 S RC Annie Dheng
Annie Dheng
South Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

As a 5th-year student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida, Annie has been heavily involved with SASE since 2015 and counting. Starting in the planning committee for SERC16, she went on to become a coordinator for both SASEbowl and Community Service (the best committees!) for the 2018 National Conference. Her favorite hobbies include painting and DIY projects, as well as swimming. Some of Annie’s unusual skills are picking up things with her toes and using turn signals (since most don't).

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
South Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Jason was born and raised in the Tri-State Area, attending Stevens Institute of Technology for his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Systems Engineering. After graduation, he moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and currently works as a Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin. As an undergraduate, he served as his chapter's Public Relations officer and represented Stevens as part of a team participating in the 2014-2015 InnoService Competition. On the weekends, you can find Jason dabbling in woodworking, cooking new culinary creations, or drawing.