chris lui
Christopher Lui
Midwest Regional Manager (RM)

Chris was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to Terre Haute, Indiana to study at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. At the beginning of freshman year in 2012, Chris joined the newly formed SASE chapter at his school. Over the course of his time in university, he held several roles, including Public Relations Chair and Vice President. During the end of his junior in 2015, Chris began to volunteer with SASE National in the Human Resources Committee as a Recruiter. After graduating in 2016 with two degrees, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Chris moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to continue to grow as a Systems Engineer at Rockwell Collins. Since graduating, he has taken the role of HR Recruitment Manager and still holds this title as well as has served as Midwest Regional Coordinator for two years. He will be taking the position of Midwest Regional Manager. Outside of SASE, Chris loves hiking and kayaking, traveling to exotic countries, collecting retro video games, playing volleyball, and playing one of his twelve (maybe more) instruments. He also serves as Social Media Co-Director for his local AsianFest as well as a Steering Committee member at his company’s Asian employee resource group.

randy hsu
Randy Hsu
Midwest Program Coordinator (PC)

Randy was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to the Midwest to study Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. Since graduating, Randy has been based out of Wisconsin as a Maintenance Engineer with Hormel Foods. He began his SASE adventure as a collegiate chapter board member as a sophomore in Fall 2012, holding roles as the Treasurer, Professional Liaison, and President. He has served as a National Volunteer for the Midwest region for the past three years, and composed one-half of the #MidwestBromance for the past six. Randy served as a Regional Coordinator for two years, and will serve this year as the Program Coordinator for the Midwest Region, focusing on the success of the Midwest Regional Conference and other regional initiatives. Randy loves to travel, to try new foods, and meet new people. He'll always prefer to dine "family-style", and LOVES Taiwanese food! Randy enjoys dabbling in photography, ambitiously cooking dishes outside his ability, playing Nintendo and PC games, and singing in the car, shower, and karaoke bar.

 MW RC Mahesh Chigurupati
Mahesh Chigurupati
Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Mahesh is in his final semester at The Ohio State University studying Chemical Engineering with personal interest in manufacturing and sustainable engineering. He has been extensively involved across various functions of SASE during his time at Ohio State starting as chapter Treasurer and concluding as chapter President. Additionally, SASE OSU held the 2017 SASE Midwest Regional Conference for which Mahesh had served as the Event Co-Chair. He managed various committees responsible for conference planning, communicated with the SASE Regional team and met with corporate as well as Ohio State Department sponsors to put together one of the most successful Midwest Regional Conferences.

As Regional Coordinator, Mahesh plans to continue to grow his hometown SASE Region through effective Midwest chapter development using the skills and contacts gained through collegiate chapter leadership. He hopes to further increase the quality of currently established chapters as a means of inspiring unaffiliated institutions to originate one of their own. Mahesh’s personal interests include all things cars, motorcycles and an occasional good book as time permits. He enjoys connecting with friends and family as often as possible in between school and internships.

 MW RC Marina Mancuso
Marina Mancuso
Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Marina is a recent alum from University of Dayton with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and is now starting a PhD program in Applied Mathematics at Arizona State University. Marina has held various positions for the UD SASE chapter, was a 2016 SASE National Conference Volunteer, and is currently the Midwest Point of Contact for SASE Jr. In addition to SASE, Marina is highly involved in the transracial adoption community. She is Director/Founder of the Chinese Adoptee Mentorship Program, an international initiative for young adult Chinese adoptees to develop their identity. Having lived in Cleveland, Ohio most of her life, Marina is looking forward to the warm weather in Arizona!

 MW RC Jackie Tung
Jackie Tung
Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

"My name is Jackie Tung and I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University with minors in Business and Chinese and will be graduating in the Fall of 2018. I was born in Manhattan, New York but moved to Columbus, Ohio when I was seven and been there since. I have been part of SASE OSU for three years now, starting as the treasurer and concluding as the vice president. This past year (February 2018), I helped SASE OSU host its first professional conference on campus serving as one of the conference co-chairs. The conference included 6 different companies, 6 workshops, and 40+ attendees! As regional coordinator, I would like further grow and develop our new and established chapters, build stronger connections with each chapters to create a more tight-knit Midwest Region family, and inspire more collaborations between interstate chapters. My hobbies include: watching anime, playing video games, cooking (or at least attempt to cook), doing outdoor activities, and traveling (especially internationally)."

 MW RC Han Yong Wunrow
Han Yong Wunrow
Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Han Yong is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Mathematics specializing in Genomics and a minor in Computer Science. There, he actively participated in the University of Minnesota SASE chapter as Treasurer and President during his junior and senior year, respectively. Currently, he is teaching English at a high school in South Korea under a Fulbright Grant. This coming semester he will be returning to the United States as a Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, Washington. Han Yong is very excited to begin working with the Midwest Regional Team to guide chapters towards further success and assist chapter leaders to get the most out of their experience with SASE. His hobbies include running marathons, cross country-skiing, and Korean traditional drumming. To this day he still takes much pride in his high school mascot, the Fighting Calculators.

Tiger Cheng Profile
Tiger Cheng
Midwest Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Tiger Cheng studies Computer Engineering at Purdue University and has been involved with SASE since his Freshman year. Throughout his time in college, he has held board positions including Marketing Chair and Chapter President, and will now continue on to be the Midwest Regional Marketing Representative during the new term. In addition to being an engineer, he’s an artist and designer at heart and volunteers in the Branding - Creative committee under SASE National Marketing.

His hobbies include art, anime, awesome sciencey stuff, and Overwatch/video games. After graduating, Tiger will continue full-time with Northrop Grumman.

Beverly Yip
Beverly Yip
Midwest Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Hi! I'm a junior at Purdue University majoring in Computer Science, minoring in Anthropology. Being part of SASE since freshman year has been incredibly life-changing and provided me the friendly and welcoming support I needed on campus. I started my SASE journey as the Trade Show and Philanthropy Chair, before taking up the position of President the next year. This coming year, I'm super hyped to be my chapter's Outreach Chair and the Midwest RMR! Besides busying myself with code and managing organizational involvement, I also dedicate my leisure time to the piano and cello, dancing, drinking boba, spicy food and discovering new eats in my area. Don't be afraid to hit me up if you're a major foodie or just love boba as well!