SASE collegiate and professional chapters are located throughout various parts of the United States with new chapters being added each year. Nationally, SASE is separated into four regions: Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. Each region expresses their own diverse and individual SASE culture which helps foster closer relationships between neighboring chapters. Regional conferences are held annually to provide members opportunities to build relationships, develop professional skills, and expanding their SASE network.

SASE regions are each managed by a team of former collegiate chapter leaders who volunteer their time and experience to develop chapters, mentor chapter leaders, and support SASE national or regional initiatives. A typical region team is composed of region coordinators who oversees a section of their region and the chapters that belong to it, a region manager who supervises regional coordinators, and other specialty positions which are unique to the region.

The four SASE regions and their respective chapter locations can be viewed in the map below.