SASE is growing quickly, and we want to keep our image professional. If we are successful, people will be see our logo without any mention of "SASE" and immediately think of our organization and all of its benefits!

On this page, you will find all available logo types. Please only use these, as we’ve put a lot of time and care into crafting our brand. You’ll also find SASE's branding guidelines and poster templates that will help you create stunning flyers to print or to post online. The goal of having guidelines is to promote a unified vision of SASE with the use of a singular identifiable logo mark and logo type. Refer to the “Do’s and Don’ts” and “Branding FAQ” tabs above to help you use our logo.

Click on an image below to download a .zip file of the designated logos.

If you need the vector files, choose the one with EPS written. All logo files below have a transparent background except for the one with the white background shown. That logo version is a square version that can be used easily for social media profile pictures.

sase logo 2 color side plus text

sase logo 2 color side

sase logo eps

sase logo vertical w text

sase logo 2 color bottom

SASE Logo White Bkgd

sase logo 2 color mark



Branding Guidelines, Poster Templates, and Checklist

SASE Branding Poster Guidelines
Download the SASE Poster and Branding Guidelines to learn how to use the SASE logo properly and create stunning designs including files for the SASE logo, PowerPoint templates, and letterheads.

Download Guidelines

Download Template (PC version)              Download Template (Mac version)

Download Checklist

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Check the “Do’s and Don’ts” and “Branding FAQ” pages.

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