• Maintain the ratio of logo dimensions when resizing

  • Scale the logo mark and logo type as one unit

  • Keep the spaces in the logo transparent to reflect the background

  • Only use the logo mark when transparency is desired

  • Use SASE primary colors

  • Keep the design crisp and sharp

  • Keep the color scheme to a maximum of 3-4 colors

  • Strive for a professional look (keep in mind the typefaces and colors you use)

  • Make sure your designs follows the checklist



  • Forget to use the SASE logo!

  • Disproportionately stretch or scale the whole logo

  • Scale the logo mark and logo type separately

  • Use the logo type by itself (logo type = SASE acronym part of the logo)

  • Alter or add color behind the logo mark

  • Use the whole logo as watermark or under % transparency

  • Use more than 2 fonts on a single design

  • Clutter the flyer with too many words/pictures

  • Don't download a SASE logo from a google search. Please only use the logos on the Brand Assets page.



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