A message on the 2020 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Khánh Vũ, CEO & Executive Director, Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers


Good afternoon/morning #SASEfamily,

I am writing to you to let you know that SASE has been keeping track of COVID-19 and the impacts on our community.  

As leaders within the community, please keep yourself educated with reliable information.  Here are some authoritative sites:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevent – COVID-19

World Health Organization – COVID-19

List of US State & Territorial Health Department Websites
(click on your state for further info)

As COVID-19 is rapidly changing, being informed and sharing accurate information will help your community to correctly address the issue. 

As you may know, many gatherings have already been cancelled or postponed (NSBE National Convention, remaining 4 SHPE regional conferences, SxSW, Mobile World Congress, & others). SASE has been in contact with the hosting chapter of the South Central Regional Conference (SASE’s final 2019 regional conference). In conjunction with the host, we have jointly decided to cancel the South Central Regional Conference due to COVID-19 and its impact. Listening to the concerns of the collegiate leaders for the attendees has led us to make this decision. We will support the hosting chapter as we assess the impact of cancelling the regional conference.

As leaders, we should share with our folks good hygiene practices and provide info to help put their concerns into perspective. As you contemplate whether to host your meetings or not, please reach out to the venues for guidance and ask them how they are addressing the COVID-19 situation.  Many of the decisions you make should take into account the local situation and be guided by local official health policy and guidelines. SASE National operates virtually so the impact on the national level is minimal. We do have a few in person meetings and are actively monitoring to see if those meetings will continue in person or switch to virtual meetings.

As many of you know, I am a big foodie.  Many Asian businesses, particularly restaurants, have been negatively affected by the fear of COVID-19.  I would encourage you to support those businesses when you are comfortable to help them get back on their feet.  Many are mom and pop stores and are cornerstones of our Asian community.

As leaders in your community, please be the source of reliable information, be good listeners and share your feelings and concerns because your folks are looking up to you and will follow your example.


Khánh Vũ
CEO & Executive Director
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

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