Joseph Thai

Co-Lead and Outreach Committee Lead

School: North Carolina State University, Chemical Engineering 2016 (South Region)

Company: Production Systems Specialist at Seqirus Inc. 

What I like to do in my spare time: Ultimate frisbee, eat, hike!

"I joined as a chapter founder in undergrad and acted as first president. I wanted to stay involved after graduation because I loved the #SASEFAM. So after graduation stayed in SASE as an RC. I heard SASEtank was a new initiative and joined because some of my friends were also on it and the purpose resonated with me; investing in future entrepreneurs and individuals to build their communication skills and encourage them to take chances!"


Jason Zhang

Logistics Committee Lead 

School: Sryacuse University, Computer Science 2019 (Northeast Region)

Fun fact: I am a freelance photographer and love cycling! And, I can eat a lot, like A LOT!

"I didn’t want to just limit myself with the university setting, so I connected with the president of Syracuse SASE chapter at the time, and later joined as a fundraising committee member. That marked my first encounter with SASE. I was immediately drawn to the ideology and mission behind this enormous organization. Soon enough, I met Khanh Vu at NE Regional Conference. After a brief conversation with him, I decided to take a step further. Voila, here I am, volunteering for national SASE and serving as the logistic committee chair for SASEtank."


Aimee Chun

Co-Lead and Marketing Committee Lead

School: Georgia Institute of Technology Business Administration + Concentration in Information Technology 2015

Company: Digital Technology Leadership Program at General Electric

What I like to do in my spare time: Sleep, eat, work out (once a year), and buy candles + stationery

"I’ve been involved with SASE for 5 years, starting as a volunteer for the first Southeast Regional Conference. Since then, I’ve held several leadership positions, including roles at my school’s chapter and as a National SASE volunteer. Upon joining SASE, I realized the organization is much more than a club that connects you with companies to help you “get a job”. It’s a group of students and working professionals who have come together with a common goal -- to break down barriers and help others succeed along the way.SASEtank is an initiative my friend, Alex Aw, and I started to help fulfill an unmet need for the entrepreneurial members of the SASE community. It’s been a long, rough journey, but what gets me going is seeing the direct impact I’ve been able to make in members nationwide. In addition, SASEtank has provided an opportunity for me to meet and work with people outside of my region, people I don’t think I would’ve met otherwise. If I were to go back, there’s nothing I would change."


Daniel Zhu

Outreach Subcommittee Member

School: University of Washington, Electrical Engineering 2017 (West Region)

What I do in my spare time: Watch basketball and anime, tinker with small robots and electronics, dye my hair

"I am in SASE because it is rewarding to be involved with something more than just my education or my company. SASE allows me to grow as a leader, connect with other ambitious minds, and work towards a meaningful goal. I am in SASEtank because I want to be with driven individuals. The people who are involved with SASEtank, both the committee members and the contestants, have done great things and will continue to aspire higher. SASE and SASEtank allow me to stay engaged as a developing worker."


Palm Larnroongroj

Logistics Subcomittee Member

School: North Carolina State University, Industrial Engineering (Southeast Region)

What I like to do in my spare time: I like cooking and I hope that when I'm retired, I can open my own mini restaurant in somewhere quiet. Of course, not for profit, but for people to taste “good food”.

"I first joined SASE because I believe that SASE can be the portal to new opportunities. However SASE became so much more. SASE introduced me to so many incredible people and I'm thankful for that. For SASEtank, it was a no-brainer decision. I would never turn down an opportunity to join something this exciting with a great organization such as SASE. It has been a great ride, working with other members on this. "


Sarah Chun

Marketing Subcommittee Member

School: University of Georgia, Business Managment 2016 (South Region)

Company: Sales Manager at Macy's

Fun fact/What I do in my spare time: I love thrifting and thinking about all the cute dogs I want to adopt.

"I was drawn to what SASE represented and its community and have since enjoyed meeting a variety of people who inspire me. My school did not have a chapter, but I was invited to attend one of the National Conferences and had a blast. Since then, I have continued to participate in SASE events and activities. I joined the SASEtank team because I believe it is important to present more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs."


Jenny Cheung

Marketing Subcommittee Member

School: Northeastern University, Computer Engineering BS, Engineering Management MS 2019 (Northeast Region)

What I like to do in my spare time: I like to take photos (shameless instagram plug @ynneycheung), Is eating food a hobby? I like pineapple on pizza.

"I joined SASE because I was interested in creating connections with people who are passionate in what they do. SASE has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone, helping me grow and I’ve worked with and met some really awesome people! I love giving back to the community that has given me so much as I am now the co-president of the Northeasten SASE chapter! SASEtank caught my interest, as I am would love to get more involved in entrepreneurship and startups in the future."