General Info

How much does it cost to enter the competition?
It’s free to enter the competition, but finalists are required to register and attend the 2017 National Conference.

How do we enter?
Complete the Registration Application by February 26th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST.

What important dates should I be aware of?
Refer to the Timeline for detailed information on the dates and deadlines for the competition.

Do the winners receive any prices?
Yes, the 1st place winner or winning team will receive $1,000, and the 2nd place winner or winning team will receive $500. The winner or winning team of the People’s Choice Award will receive $250. If a team receives an award, the prize funds will be distributed equally among all of the registered team members. An individual or team is able to win both a ranked award and the People’s Choice Award.

When and where will the final round take place?
If selected as a finalist, you will need to be present in the final round. The final round will be taken place at the 2017 SASE National Conference, October 13 - October 15 in Illinois.



Who can participate in SASEtank?
SASEtank is open, but not limited, to everyone within the SASE community, both students and working professionals. Each individual can only enter one invention into the competition, and may do so either as an individual or as a team of two or more.

Can we submit an application with an active business plan?
Yes, you may submit an application with an active business plan if you are currently the owner or contributor to the project.

Can I team up with other individuals?
Yes, you may register as an individual or as a team.

Can a teammate drop during the competition?
Yes, however you must notify us of any changes made to the team during the competition, as well as the reasons why.

Can someone join the team during the competition?
Yes, however you must notify us of any changes made to the team during the competition, as well as the reasons why.

Can I submit my idea first and then find my teammate(s) later? 
Yes, however you must notify us of any changes made to the team during the competition, as well as the reasons why.

Do I have to be in college to be eligible to enter?
No, you don’t have to be in college to compete in SASEtank.


Application Material

How many applications do I send in?
Only one application is accepted per team.

May I continuing updating my team’s application before the deadline?
Only one application will be accepted per team. Ensure all information and files are ready for review before submitting.

What requirements must be met for the business case and video pitch?
Refer to the Rules & Eligibility.

What do you mean by a “working prototype”?
A working prototype is a device, piece of software, or service that is able to function what it was set out to do. It should clearly demonstrate your vision into something tangible and functional. It should simulate and give users the idea and the feel of the final product.

Where do I submit my video?
Upload your video on Youtube as an unlisted video. Include the link at the end of your business case.


Application Process

When are the deadlines for each round?
View the Timeline to be informed of all deadlines.

May I submit any additional materials after the application deadline?

When will the semifinalists be announced?
Semifinalists will be announced on March 20th, 2017.



Do I have to attend the National Conference?
You are only required to attend the National Conference if you are selected as the finalist. However, we encourage all members to attend, as you can obtain experience that goes well beyond just the competition.

What do I bring on the day of competition?
Bring any items that you want to include in your presentation. We will have your presentation slides set up for you. Reach out to us for possible arrangement if you have specific needs at least two weeks in advance.

Does the whole team have to participate at National Conference?
If your team makes it as finalists, we anticipate everyone on the team will participate at National conference. However, teams with missing team members will still be able to participate as long as at least one person is present to represent the team.

What is the People’s Choice Award?
The People’s Choice Award is the award for the team/individual that generated the most interest during their pitch and received the greatest support from the audience.

How will the winner of the People’s Choice Award be selected?
The audience will vote for their favorite idea at the end of the final round at National Conference. Based on these results, the team that receives the most votes will receive the People’s Choice Award.

How will a tie be broken between teams in the final round?
Scores will be based on the judges’ feedback. However, if two or more teams are tied, the team that receives a greater popularity with the audience will receive the higher standing.

What should we expect after the competition?
All individuals/teams will receive constructive feedback after each round. In addition, the competition provides a unique opportunity to broaden your entrepreneurial network, connect with potential investors, and get a jump start in your future endeavors as an entrepreneur.