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The SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair is the largest conference and career fair for Asian Americans in the United States.

The conference includes:
  • a STEM career fair of 70+ companies recruiting for full-time and internship candidates
  • professional and leadership development workshops
  • networking opportunities with professional scientists and engineers
  • a gala dinner featuring keynote and awards
  • and SASEhack (a hackathon) and SASEfest (Kollaboration talent show).
Join Asian American leaders across the nation both at the collegiate and professional levels in Houston, Texas.


What to expect

The SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair 2016 begins Thursday, Oct 13 through Saturday, Oct 15. SASE is excited to host its 2nd National Conference in the South at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX, and, since everything is bigger, we are anticipating 2,500+ attendees. Not only does SASE host the largest Asian American conference and career fair, but the attendees at the conference are truly top talent.

Prepare to attend so YOU can:

  • INTERACT one-on-one with recruiters interested in hiring Asian Americans, and other ethnicities, in the STEM major fields
  • BE BLOWN AWAY by the caliber of the keynote and all of the 40+ workshop presenters that will be helping attendees develop personal and professional skills
  • ENJOY delicious food at the meal functions while networking with other attendees and hearing about all of the awards presented within the organization<
  • PARTICIPATE in our SASEfest (a unique intersection of professional and amateur performance art across 4 stages) and SASEhack (a 24-hour project building event focusing on hands-on technical skill training and demonstration)


For a draft schedule, please visit here. Thank you, and we'll see y'all in Dallas!

Why should I go?

You should attend the SASE conference for three reasons:

1. Professional Development: The conference will feature a full day of workshops, panels and speakers all focused on the interests of Asian heritage students and professionals.
2. Career Opportunities and Jobs: The conference features a large number of employers who want to recruit and hire Asian heritage students and professionals.
3. Networking: Meet other Asian heritage students and professionals in a rich networking opportunity with a whole lot of fun.

In weighing your options to attend or not, you may find some barriers to attending. Check out our 10 Terrible Excuses for Missing #SASENC2015 article to learn about some misconceptions about attending conference, as well as some tools to help you make your decision in attending SASENC2015!

When should I be in Dallas?

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