christy honigman

Development Manager

With a track record of over 25 years of successful practice in the philanthropic and nonprofit community, Christy is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and impact of people working and volunteering for the nonprofit sector. Christy specializes in building nonprofit organizations’ capacity, helping them become stronger through strategic planning, fundraising, board development, and program sustainability.

As a committed volunteer and board member for many civic, art, and public policy groups, Christy has facilitated conferences and training sessions, provided media relations services, governance guidance, and raised substantial funds. She served as a board member for the Golden Triangle Association and chaired “Striking Gold in the Triangle”, an event promoting economic development through collaboration of arts and culture.

A graduate of Regis University in Denver, Christy holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management. She is the author of the “Colorado Nonprofit Agenda Project: An Assessment of the Public Policy Concerns and Needs of the Nonprofit Sector of the State of Colorado.”

Christy is also an accomplished artist. Her work is represented in more than 50 private and corporate collections. Recently, the Mizel Museum honored Christy with a commission to produce a collaborative art project Tikkun Olam: Repairing The World. Working with participants from 27 countries, the exhibition focuses on intercultural respect and the universal values of social justice, compassion, freedom, equality and peace. Since 2010, the traveling art installation has been exhibited in over 25 locations throughout Colorado.

Christy is pleased to be a member of the SASE family and looks forward to being part of moving the organization towards the next level of achievement and growth.