Leadership Awards
SASE strives to honor the contributions of sponsors, as well as to celebrate the successes of SASE members and individuals who enhance the scientific and engineering professions through contributions to the global business world, academia and local communities. The SASE Leadership Awards program is open to individuals and organizations who exemplify its mission. The purpose of the awards is to celebrate technical accomplishments and advancements in the fields of science, engineering, and technology and to recognize exemplary leadership in the community including volunteerism. Learn More

Organizational Sponsors

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  • 2015_Gold_GE.png
  • 2015_Gold_ITW.png
  • 2015_Gold_PG.png
  • 2015_Gold_Shell.png
  • AmericasNavy-213x150.png
  • BAE-Systems-213x150.png
  • BASF-213x150.png
  • Boeing-213x150.png
  • CIA-213x150.png
  • ITW-213x150.png
  • LockheedMartin-213x150.png
  • NASA-213x150.png
  • NGC-213x150.png
  • Raytheon-213x150.png
  • Shell-213x150.png
  • Toyota-213x150.png
  • USAirForce-213x150.png
  • USMC-213x150.png
  • UTC-213x150.png